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Together, we transform business aspirations into successful reality.

TAR Marketing Private Limited (TAR)

is an emerging company in theTraditional Marketing (Face-to-Face) and Human Resource Solutions space with key focus in Market Research & Analysis, Payroll, Statutory Compliance and Recruitment. The team comprises of young, energetic, talented individuals with professional expertise who can deliver significant results for your requirements.

Set up in the year 2015 and based out of Chennai, TAR Marketing Pvt. Ltd, has expanded rapidly since its launch.

If you are looking for dynamic and result-oriented Marketing and Human Resource Solutions, TAR Marketing would be the ideal solution provider.

What we do?

TAR Marketing came into existence

  • To “Transform” the Client business “Aspiration” into “Reality” on competitive marketing environment.
  • To deliver unique services which bring more value to the business and brands of our clients in the field of Marketing & Human Resources services.
  • To increase our clients goodwill and to make them a brand icons in the region.
  • We are specialized for small & middle size markets and offer our clients a customized solution on Marketing and Human Resource services with extended arms on Training - Global IT Certification and Export business.
  • Our Advanced methodologies and deep market insights help us distinguish our service. Our success comes from aligned strategies, adhering to government norms, and understanding the competitive market values.

What makes us Unique?


The basis of our success is our good relations with clients, customers, regional partners, employees and local communities.

  • We quickly recognize both our clients and customer needs and their requirements. This helps us build close and successful relationships.
  • We translate regional strategies to local markets.
  • We constantly introduce new knowledge, technologies and innovative research ideas to enhance solutions for our clients.
  • Our wide range of analytical tools result from our innovative spark.
  • We deliver high prominence to our TAT (Turnaround time).
  • We have unique strategy allowing brands and product to attract the customer.
  • Our employees are experts in their fields and enjoy their work.


Traditional Marketing

Personal selling plays a vital role in today's marketing practice. With increasing customer expectations, companies are implementing various dynamic strategies to attract customers and fulfill their requirements. One such effective strategy is personal selling, that drives company business and wins customer hearts, given the benefit of face-to-face interaction and immediacy in resolving and clarifying concerns.

Personal selling also plays a key role in creating a strong connect with customers and is considered as an effective convincing tool compared to advertisements.

Flipside of an Internal Marketing Team :

Though face-to-face marketing plays a vital role in selling your product, it also brings a risk of losing prospective customers by way of low quality demonstrations and misrepresentations by concerned marketing professionals. A clear and convincing demonstration of the product/solution is essential to increase your customer base, however beneficial it may be to the end user.

  • Does your current marketing strategy help you achieve Marketing targets?
  • Do certain factors like below hinder your road to marketing excellence?
  • Overhead Commitment - Targets
  • Recruiting Time
  • Inexperience and Understaffing
  • Training Time
  • Expenses of full-time employees
  • Motivation for employees
  • Marketing Communication
  • Employee Retention & High Attrition Rate
  • Then, a Marketing Solutions provider like us can help you achieve your business objectives!

Benefits of hiring an External Marketing Team (Outsourcing) :

If you are an organization that has just set up operations or a small-sized business or a large-scale organization with other growth priorities, an External Marketing team would be a key growth driver for your business.

There are strong reasons why an external team can do justice to selling your product compared to an internal marketing team. One of the key reasons is the expertise that we bring with us, from our experience in handling multiple marketing activities of our clientele. This gives us an edge over internal teams, as we have a deeper understanding of customer requirements and the market scenario. Therefore, leave it to the experts and you will see effective and customized marketing strategies implemented with good business results.

Such marketing solution providers also possess a strong team, well-equipped with skills to sell your product/solution to various types of customers. We also work within the given budget and deliver according to your requirements.

Focus on your key strength - creating a product / service, and leave the marketing to experts to sell your product/solution.

To summarise, benefits of External Marketing are

  • Reduction of investment in Infrastructure and Technology
  • Financial - Required Resource within your budget
  • Specialists - Experts in the field will work for you with,
  • Professionalism and Creativity
  • Faster and Better Services
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Focus on core areas
  • External Perspective - external view to an existing challenges

Hence, outsourcing the marketing team would play a significant role in driving profitable growth for your organization. This also adds value to your business by keeping your marketing strategies in the right direction.

Global IT Certification

There is no second opinion that education plays a crucial role in shaping an individual's personality. As per a survey taken by ASER (Annual Status of education Report), India's organized sector has only 34 million people which forms a very small graduation of the total population. This statement reveals a lot about the Indian literacy rate and the education system.

Though India's literacy rate has marked significant growth in recent year's, but it has not been able to import the kind of education that modern times demand.

There are several issues that the Indian education system is undergoing and the major one is the poor rural education scenario with modern demand.

We cannot deny the fact that even today, a huge part of Indian population still resides in rural India.

If a country's rural education sector is working well, it reflects on the entire economic state of a country. Here is how we can upgrade the rural education scenario in India.

Our country in other hand progressing technologically and major advancement in Information Technology sector; however sadly the imprint of this advancement has yet not reached to the rural areas.

Even though the government is working to improve the state of education in the country, there is still a lot to be improved in technology learning. There is a growing awareness among the people about the information technology learning; however the lack of access to IT certification and training program is a major obstacle in rural area. This has led to a digital gap in Urban- Rural India.

Rural students are coming forward to enhance the professional skillset to increase the personal pride, professional growth and increase the standard of livelihood. Lack of IT Certification access in the rural area shuttered rural candidates goals and dreams. Realising the importance and demand of such a huge gap in professional standard between urban-rural candidates. TAR Marketing provides value added certificate support and act as an bridge to fulfil the gap between Urban - Rural India. This initiative by TAR Marketing will definitely enable students to reach Rural - Urban goals quickly and efficiently.

Through our programs, students will be abreast with the latest IT and business skills that are one of the best industry-recognized certifications, including Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, ITIL, Prince2, Oracle, CompTIA, ISTQB, Citrix, HP, EMC, NetApp and IBM Certifications.



If you're looking forward to build a rewarding career, welcome to TAR Marketing Pvt Ltd. We provide exciting careers and a stimulating workplace with a great sense of belonging.

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